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Health and pharmaceutical is about the well- being of the people and it has to be perfect all the time by meeting all the regulatory standards. The reliable system that can help to bring in compliance is the pharmaceutical ERP, which most of the manufacturers are depending on.

For all the divisions of manufacturing pharmaceuticals, cosmetics or biotech products, it is imperative to be compliant with the quality and regulatory standard. Since it can directly create an effect on people, the regulatory authorities such as Medical and Healthcare production Regulatory Agency (MHRA), US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), HM Customs & Excise (HMCE), Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH) and the Health and Safety Statutory Instruments are so keen on.

We do revere those and constantly strive to be compliant to all these standards through uncompromising quality measures and dedication. Embrace the operational agility and get to know the changeover which is going to be the hallmark of trust and customer loyalty of your company.

How does it help you?
  • Quality and regulatory compliance
  • Agile drug manufacturing operations
  • The complete document management
  • Integration of diversified system
  • Enhanced management visibility
  • Complete traceability on operations
  • Regular monitoring of the product distribution
  • Regulation on the stock levels
  • Reducing expired stocks

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