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It is going to be tough if one fails to identify the changes. It is there everywhere and hence in the retail as well. The retail rules are changing constantly and you need to move along with and need to plan the strategies compatible with that. These changes can make a bit complexity in the business you run with the pain of assimilating distinct functions.

EliteITPros supports your business by integrating all different core functions in distinct departments to accelerate and to automate the business processes. No more confusion on the utilization of fund, stock holding cost or gross margin.

Reap the extreme success in your ERP with perfect results in economic accounting, bar coding, account supervision and integration of all these applications as well.

Take a look on what we offer:
  • Accurate information on the stock availability at cost price and selling price
  • Correct input on the merchandize mix
  • Forecasted information on the revenue to be paid to the suppliers
  • Precise details on the fund utilization
  • Forecasting the customer preference
  • The report on gross margin the store is operating
  • Info on the stockholding cost

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